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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 07:53


Business Risk Assessment Limited has designed a new Annual Health & Safety Hazard Review Assessment to add to its range of Workstation Risk Assessments and Health & Safety Stress Assessments.

The benefit of having us complete your Annual Health & Safety Hazard Review is having an independent view of your commercial premises. Often when you spend all your time working in the forest it is difficult sometimes to even see the trees. .

An independent assessment will highlight any holes in your plans.

Health & Safety Hazard Review Assessments should be completed on an annual basis as required under the Health & Safety Act 1992. These reviews along with our Workstation Risk Assessment reports can be used as evidence in any ACC or Labour Department Audits you may undergo.

Another benefit to having an independent Hazard Review completed is that we will keep records of your review and remind you when it is time to have the annual review completed.

What we will look at during this assessment;

Our Health & Safety Hazard Review Assessment uses a combination of Specific Controls and Checks.

These are Visual Checks, Verbal Samples and Evidential Copies of Documents.

Visual Checks are just that. Our assessor looks at different areas of your building and completes a checklist covering all the points below.

             The Visual Checks cover

10        Points under General Health & Safety Information

15        Points under Fire Safety

  6        Points under First Aid

10        Points under Electrical Safety

  4        Points under Work Environment Safety

  6        Points under Walking Surfaces

  6        Points under Stairways, Aisles, Storage Rooms, Hall, Emergency Exits and Fire    Extinguishers

  4        Points under Bookcases, Shelves and Cabinets and

  9        Points under Electrical Safety, Chairs, Chemical Products, Step ladders, Stools and Air Movement.

 This makes a total of 70 points assessed and reported on.

The Verbal Sample will be a random sample of staff based on a percentage of total staff where these selected people will be asked questions relating to aspects of the company's Health & Safety Policies. Most of these questions will be drawn from any staff induction program your business operates, the answers to which all your staff members should be aware of.

The evidential part of this Health & Safety Hazard Review Assessment is where you will be asked for copies of documents that should make up your Business Health & Safety Policy.

These Health & Safety Hazard Review Assessments are to be seen as a way of verifying what you believe is happening in your business and once completed they will give you the assurance that your Health & Safety Policies and Procedures are robust and not likely to cause you any major concerns.

 At the completion of the Health & Safety Annual Hazard Review Assessment you will receive a copy of the assessment notes showing what can be considered Satisfactory and what areas need Corrective Action. 

 A date will be set in conjunction with the Health & Safety Manager or Coordinator as to when these Corrective Actions need to be completed by.

A Follow up Visual Check will be carried out following the completion of the Corrective Action and this visit will be noted on the Original Documents.

Then a further updated copy of the Health & Safety Annual Hazard Review Assessment will be sent to you.


Let us know if this new assessment is of any interest to you.

We have more than 20 years experience in providing this service to many large and small including the Not for Profit sector organisations throughout New Zealand.

Thank you, for this opportunity to present this service to you. To book your assessments today call us on 09 268 9612 or from out of Auckland call toll free on 0800 683 787 (O800 Over Use) or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or check our web site on www.riskassessment.co.nz

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