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Business Risk Assessment Limited creates a Circle of Life™ Environmental

program on Office Chairs


You can now help the environment while sitting

down. How easy is that?


You may recall about eighteen months ago we changed our office chair suppler. One of the reasons behind this decision was our desire to continue to move towards being an environmentally friendly company.

Canny businesses are continually on the look out for opportunities to get ahead of their competition. Areas that are likely to open up in the future include:

New Products: The future is bright for the inventions of genuinely useful products that have a significantly lower impact on the environment.

Clean Power Production: Big business has come to understand the potential of new forms of power, and is investing heavily in research and development. Those that come up with viable business models for producing green power will be the success stories of tomorrow.

Business Risk Assessment Limited only supplies Knight Group Chairs in New Zealand.

As a caring, corporate citizen, Business Risk Assessment supports the responsible stewardship of the earth, its inhabitants and its resources.

Knight chairs are designed and built to last, and in their manufacture, use and disposal, embody the environmental principles of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

A major consideration of sustainable management is reducing a generation of waste, so consumers can greatly reduce the impact of office furniture on the environment by choosing to remanufacture or recycle their Knight Chairs from Business Risk at the end of its life.

A typical operator chair from our hand built range is


95.2%* recyclable with an aluminum base and Crown® fabric. Chairs can be easily disassembled in less than 5 minutes with common tools.

Foam cushioning has an almost perpetual life cycle – it can be remanufactured into more foam or used by horticulturalists as bedding for growing orchids!

I am aware there are as many people who do not care about our planet as there are those who do.

We want to be seen as a company that does care and we are even working on internal processes to cut down on the amount of paper being used in our Risk Assessment process.

From Conception to Rebirth

Here is another way that your office can help the environment by getting environmentally friendly chairs.

There is two parts to the Circle of Life™ Environmental Program for Office chairs that we are introducing.

Understanding Office Seating

The first part is that Office Chairs are like shoes. They need to fit the person using them. We will not sell you a chair that is not both ergonomically correct and the right chair for the person who is going to use the chair. (Almost 80% of overuse problems can be contributed to poor posture)

In conjunction with our chair manufacturer the Knight Group, Business Risk Assessment is introducing our very new Circle of Life™ Environmental Program.

The Circle of Life™ program is an environmental program designed to help you and us keep doing our bit for the environment.

All the chairs in our Circle of Life™ program are hand built in New Zealand.

The program works like this,

You purchase any of the chairs in our Circle of life™ program and at the end of their life cycle (you choose when that is) we will arrange to collect them free of charge and return them to Knight Group who recycle all the parts of the chairs in the following ways.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 • Donate it to a recognised charitable organisation to extend its lifecycle;

 • Re-manufacture it as a “near-new” product, reducing demand on raw material and energy resources;

 • Or if the chair is beyond salvage, it will be dismantled; separated by material and sent to approved recyclers.

 The chairs in our Circle of Life™ program can be seen on our web site at Circle of Life Chairs

 We believe this is going to be a great way that we can help the environment and save the land fills around the country at the same time.


When you return a chair and replace it with another Circle of Life™ Chair you will receive a 10% discount on the list price of the chair.


What do you need to do to enter into our Circle of Life™ Office Chair program?

We would like you to sign a supply agreement with us which basically says that you want to take part in the Environmental program. You agree to call us when you need new chairs and at that time you either have a risk assessment completed on the people who need the chairs or at the very least give us some additional information about the person before we recommend a chair for them.

Once we deliver the chair we will set it up correctly for the person using the chair and we will start a process that watches the life of that chair from then on. We will notify you when the chair is close to reaching the end of its life cycle at which stage you can make a determination of what you do next.

 Email us at Join Circle of Life Program if you would like to be part of the Circle of Life™ program.

Last Updated: Thursday, 21 November 2019 18:23

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