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All ADDCOM products are proudly designed and engineered in Australia. We aim to combine practicality, comfort and style to ring our customers the best in headset technology. ADDCOM is a company built on strong foundation of values. Remaining customer focused, maintaining the highest standards of quality, building a brand that customers can trust and valuing staff are inherent in all that ADDCOM does.
At ADDCOM we understand how tough call centre environments can be. ADDCOM headsets have been designed to withstand these conditions and you can be confident that your ADDCOM headset will last the distance.
ADDCOM has a very high level of quality control, and has custom-designed testing equipment to individually test and rate each product as it comes off the production line.
At ADDCOM we don’t rest on our laurels. We are constantly innovating to bring our customers the latest in technology. In 2011 the Crinia C7 will join the ADDCOM range, the only wireless headset with LIVE SWAP technology.
At ADDCOM we offer a range of telecommunications equipment. We have three headset ranges; ADDCOM, Newfonic and Crinia. Within these ranges exist different series and most headsets come in Binaural and Monaural versions. ADDCOM’s product range also offers Amplifier and Switch solutions.

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