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Workstation Risk Assessment Overview

Business Risk Assessment Limited (BRAL) is New Zealand’s established market leader in the Health and Safety Office Risk assessment industry.

BRAL is a member of the New Zealand Safety Council (NZSC) and the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM).

Workstation Risk Assessments are tailored ergonomic reviews of individual workstation Setups. We assess to the Standard that is the Approved Code of Practice for the use of VDU equipment in the place of work.

All risk assessments are modified to the workers specific requirements. We provide guidance in Health & Safety, and training to improve posture and reduce potential stress risks at the workstation.

The cost of time lost at work through poor workstation ergonomics is enormous. Overuse injuries costs ACC over $31 million dollars every year. The bad news is that this ACC figure is falling, not because workers are not contracting Gradual Process Injury (GPI) but because they are refusing to fund many of them any longer.

The good news is that recent studies at Cornell University in New York have concluded that poor posture is a significant cause of Overuse Problems. In fact the figure is as high as 90%. Why is this good news? Because we can do something about poor posture.

Previously if was felt that if you were going to develop a GPI you got it and there was nothing much you could do about it. Wrong! We can teach you and your staff how to sit correctly to minimise the likely onset of GPI or Over Use as it is commonly called.

Each year, back, neck or arm aches and pains cause employees to take time off work. This diminishes their personal performance and affects business productivity and the costs affect the employer.

Many overuse problems are caused by either poor design of the standard office furniture or incorrect use of furniture that has been designed well but set up incorrectly. Our professional external agency can assist to create a more comfortable and productive environment by reducing the discomfort that a workstation user often experiences when spending long hours working at their workstations.

Workstation Risk Assessments provide:

Ø      Tailored individual ergonomic reviews

Ø      Health & Safety guidance

Ø      Good ergonomic training to improve posture

Ø      Workstation equipment adjusted to suit the user

Ø      Elimination of unnecessary strain & stress.

Ø      Advice on proper use of workstation equipment i.e. chair

On-site assessments are undertaken usually in block bookings, where a whole team is individually assessed. Practical recommendations are made to improve safety and any adjustments implemented are clearly explained by the assessor. The benefits can be immediate and improves the long term health and productivity of workstation users across the board.

Each block of assessments is reported on in a written summary after the onsite visit. This summary will list any issues identified by the assessor and will note any adjustments made during the assessment and suggestions for additions or changes to work station equipment. In the event that other equipment is recommended the costs for these are provided.

The fee for on site workstation risk assessments is $50 plus GST per workstation for 1 to 4 workstations. 5 and over workstation assessments will cost $45 plus GST each assessment. Not for Profit Pricing is $40 plus GST. This includes the individual assessments, full written reports on each person plus a Summary Report on all persons and one on one training and travel time.

This fee most importantly also includes the personalised adjustments to the user and of any equipment that may be needed to assist in compliance. This service can be provided to your business nationwide.

Finally, we are aware that risk assessments are a mandatory requirement and an important step in protecting your workers and your business. We also understand that the legislation does not expect you to eliminate all risk. As an external assessment agency, we humbly offer a user friendly, professional service to assist you in your requirements to protect your people as far as ‘reasonably practicable’.

In a recent visit to Sydney, Australia, Professor Alan Hedge from Cornell University talked about Green Ergonomics. He went on to say that the vast majority of the cost of any business is the personnel who work in the building. 92% of the cost of the building over its lifetime is the occupants.

There is little point in building an environmentally responsible building if it isn’t optimised for the occupants of the work space.

If you can increase the productivity of the people in the building by as little as 1%, that will be equivalent to all the energy costs over the life time of the building. The lifetime of a building is 30 years.

The cost analysis during the life cycle of a building (30 years) is

Design & Construction                                     2%

Maintenance & Operations including energy 6%

Personnel                                                        92%

A green building is no good if it does not work for people,

We can assist you by providing internal office design and advice that will help you make sure that any refit is completely compliant with the respective codes of practice and that your office layout is set up to allow maximum productivity from your staff.

There is two ways in which to measure the effectiveness of our service. One is through sick leave taken going down and the second is through productivity going up.

We have more than 20 years experience in providing this service to many large and small including the Not for Profit sector organisations throughout New Zealand.

Thank you, for this opportunity to present this service to you. To book your assessments today call us on 09 268 9612 or from out of Auckland call toll free on 0800 683 787 (O800 Over Use) or email info@riskassessment.co.nz or check our web site on www.riskassessment.co.nz

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