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Copyholder A3 KFL Full Ledge Adjustable
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Copyholder A3 KFL Full Ledge Adjustable

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A steel free standing board which is angle adjustable 0 - 60 degrees. It has either a centre ledge along the base (with space each side) or a full length ledge (either 20mm or 55m depth). Comes with a ruler / line finder and elasticised band. Can be slid over a keyboard. Hold A3 and A4 size documents.

The Keyrite fits between the keyboard and monitor for use as a copy holder. Alternatively, it can be pulled forward over the keyboard to create a surface for writing (or other activities). The adjusting handles secure the platform at any angle between 0 - 60 degrees. An elasticised band holds text in place. The magnetic transparent ruler attaches to the side of the board.

Suitable for people working in a multi task office environment

The Full Ledge - suitable for displaying heavy and large manuals for research purposes. The ledge depth can be 20mm (Code KFL) or 55mm (Code KFL55).
The Centre Ledge - a modified Keyrite with 100mm space either side of the centre ledge. It is suitable for work involving reading, writing, stamping and the folding of letters. (Code KCL)


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